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Friday, July 12, 2013

The NLP Fast Phobia/Trauma Cure

This interesting technique was first devised by one of the developer's of #NLP, Dr Richard Bandler. Since then it has been improved upon by several #NLP practitioners and today the following version, described by Connirae & Steve Andreas in their most useful book "Heart of the Mind" is probably the best known.

(The word trauma here has a very general meaning - could be an accident, seeing someone come to harm, losing a job, a relationship.)

Imagine you're sitting in a move theatre all by yourself, looking up at a blank screen.

Put a black and white still shot of yourself the day before the trauma (or before the phobic reaction, or before you ever met the person you have broken up with).

Float up out of your chair into the projection booth at the back of the theatre. Notice the window glass is very thick and you are completely cut off from the theatre, although you can see and hear everything.

Start to run a movie starting from the still shot and moving all the way through the trauma, finishing well after the traumatic event is over and everything has returned to normal. This movie will take just a few minutes (ie, it is fast). It is absolutely vital that you feel detached as the movie is playing. To do this you keep in mind that you are merely watching yourself down below, who is in turn watching the movie. If you feel any distress whatsoever, distance yourself further by imagining you are going down to check on ticket sales, or perhaps pop down to the corner to buy a hotdog while the movie comes to completion.

Freeze the last frame of the movie, making sure it is a shot in which you look relaxed and comfortable.

Jump into the still frame (ie, associate into the movie as if you are actually in it).

Turn the frame big, bright and colourful.

Run the movie backwards really, really fast, just seconds like a really rapid rewind. Feel yourself being pulled backwards all the way through the movie in just seconds, all the way back to the beginning (the still frame of you at the start).

Come out from the beginning the movie, go and jump in the end again, make sure it's big and bright and colourful, and repeat 8.

Repeat 7, 8 and 9 several times, very rapidly.

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