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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better

This is a most powerful phrase left to us by the father of autosuggestion, Émile Coué.  Used properly, it really works.  Not just to heal disease, although there is much evidence that proper use of the phrase does just that, but also to help us achieve whatever it is we want to achieve.  You could even say it is the one phrase which draws together all the diverse strands of self-improvement philosophies.

I did say “used properly” though, so let us look at this phrase a little more carefully.


Every Day

Important words!  What this tells us is that any method of self-improvement we select has to be regular for it to work properly.

How many times have I heard people say this or that method doesn’t work?  And when asked, the complainer admits he or she only used it a few times and then gave up!

No matter what you may be trying to improve in yourself, and no matter what method you may be using to do so, you must keep going.  Almost certainly when you start you will encounter resistance.  Inner and outer resistance.  Your own subconscious mind will start voicing doubts.  Crush them.  You cannot afford to let them germinate.  Family and friends will tell you that it will not work, or that you are not strong enough to keep going.  Ignore them.  Keep practicing every day and you willachieve your goal.


In Every Way

Self-improvement is holistic.  It should not centre on one narrow aspect but should permeate your whole being, your whole life.  If it does, it will start to reflect back on itself, and that reflection will make the whole process more powerful and more effective.

Take a good look at whatever you are doing now to improve yourself.  Have you interpreted it too narrowly?  Can you extend it into other areas of your life in ways you had never considered before?

The more you can extend it into a complete system, touching all aspects of your being, the more effective you will find it.  And probably the more enjoyable and compelling you will find it will become.


I Am Getting

I have studied many systems of self-improvement, some of which are very obscure and little known.  In all my years of study I have never yet found one that provides instant results.  Why?  Because there is no system of instant self-improvement.

Every system requires sustained effort.  Put in that effort and you will find you start, gradually, getting results.  Not suddenly reaching the goal.  But slowly, step by step, getting closer to where you want to be.


Better & Better

Note the positive statement here.  This is vital.  Never focus on the weakness you are trying to remove, the problem you are trying to conquer.  If you do, then it is that weakness, that problem which will surface.  Always focus on the positive result you wish to achieve.


I Am Getting Better & Better

Having focused on it, visualise it and accept it into your life, knowing you have now achieved it.  How does that make you feel?  What can you do now, given you have achieved what you wanted?  Bask in that feeling.  And at the same time express thanks to the Universe (or God, or whatever you call “It”, “Her” or “Him”) for granting your this gift.

That is a really key part of the phrase Coué left us.  He did not tell us to say “I will get better and better”, but “I am getting better and better”.

Our subconscious mind is like a computer.  Powerful but stupid.  Able to calculate perfectly and make amazing things happen around it, but believing everything it is told, no matter how silly it might sound.  By telling it you have already achieved this you will make it believe you, and it will then act to draw to you all that pertains to this state you have told it you have achieved.

I hope you have found this little article helpful.  Whatever path you are pursuing, try putting what I have said here into effect and I know you will find you can achieve so much more.  And let me know how it goes for you by commenting back here in this blog.

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