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Friday, March 2, 2012

20 Tips To Reverse Your Trend Of Failure And Succeed Finally

1 Admit that you have failed. Make yourself a commitment to
reverse those failures. Work on it. Start with below 19 tips.

2. Attach yourself with right people.

3. Don’t ignore small tasks. Unfinished /delayed small tasks often
result in big problems.

4. Value time. No one cares your reasons for being late. Especially
your boss.

5. Don’t underestimate yourself. You are important.

6. Do what needs to be done, right now. Procrastination is not just a
problem, it can turn into a disease if you make it a habit.

7. Cultivate the habit of verifying your work. 5 more minutes of 
verification can save your hours of re-work.

8. Don't judge anyone by their first impression. Instead, analyze the

9. Be honest. This tip might have been shared a million times, but
there is a reason for it. It makes you great person.

10. Do smart work rather than hard work. Smart work is not shying away
from hard work, but finding the real reasons why you are working so
hard and automating/simplifying your hard work.

11. Don’t hurry to learn advanced topics. First make your basics strong.
Advanced topics are just extensions of basics. If your foundation is
weak, you might understand/relate things in a wrong way which is
worst than not understanding the things.

12. Try not to push yourself too hard for achieving many things at same
time. Just focus on one goal and put your quality efforts towards it.

13. Make your work environment less distracting. Clean your desk, put
headphone,or put an away status in messenger. Do whatever it takes
to give yourself a productive hour. A focused hour is much better
than a 8 hours of distracted efforts.

14. Don't put hopes on luck, instead have faith in your efforts. Luck is
nothing but known outcome for your hard work.

15. Negative people are more attractive than positive people, because
they speak lots of interesting non-factual things. Best way to deal
with negative people is to stay away from them or make yourself
immune to their thoughts.

16. Always validate your important achievements with your peers. You
might surprisingly receive few valuable tips for improvements.

17. Be consistent in your efforts. Don’t expect results or appreciations

18. Don’t be a busy man. Instead, have proper work life balance. Being 
always busy robs your beautiful years from life.

19. Stop being a consumer always. Instead, try creating something of
your own.

20. Personal development blogs wont change you. They can only inspire
you. What brings the real change is your determined action.

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