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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Getting your Inner Self to provide you the Answers

Till now, we have concentrated on feeding the subconscious to achieve success and peak performance in various spheres of our lives. It’s now time to get something out of our inner mind.

The subconscious mind is considered to be a storehouse of all the information about our lives, even information about our previous lives. At the same time, the subconscious can serve as the key to accessing our super-conscious mind, also called the inner or the higher mind - the source of all knowledge and power, and the connecting force among all humanity.

It is widely believed among metaphysics researchers that the super-conscious mind can be a true source of guidance and help, and getting it to speak for you may be the route to greater happiness, success, and freedom. This guidance may come in the form of impressions, or perceptions (under hypnosis), or in the form of encounters with your spiritual masters and spiritual guides. You may also practice, what is called "Automatic Writing," to get answers to confusing problems from your inner mind.

The following is an account of the experiences of some of the people who have experienced such phenomenon:

Maidie Moore, Garcia, USA:

"A few years ago, I lived in Chicago. One night, while walking home from the church, I heard footsteps behind me. They crunched lightly in the frozen snow and I thought it was another woman. As I approached an alley, an inner voice said loudly, "Girl, cross the street." I didn’t respond immediately. "Do it now, don’t look back! Hurry, go toward the lights." This time I followed the instructions. When I got to the drugstore across the street, I looked back to see a tall man in dark clothes with white gym shoes standing at the entrance to the alley.
I later learned that an hour after my experience with the inner voice, a woman was pulled into that alley, robbed, raped, and beaten. The victim remembered that her attacker was a tall man wearing white gym shoes."

Lori L. Dingman, Perry, USA:

"One day, while I was involved in my normal activities, an internal voice said, ‘Within the hearts of all men burns the flame of the Christ spirit." I thought that what very poetic. (I’m not a poet.) So, I got a pen and paper and wrote it down. No sooner had I written it down that my hand took off and started writing without any effort from my side. The words came so fast, I could barely keep up with the dictation (from my inner self.) Since then, I have taken to using a typewriter during my Automatic Writing sessions. It is the only way I can keep up. The following are some samples of the messages I’ve received:

Lori: "Where have I known my mother before?"

"You have known your mother in many lifetimes. The last time you were together, you were the mother and she was the daughter. Much of that relationship has carried over from a seventh century lifetime in Greece."

Lori: "What is the message for today?"

"Today, we wish to talk about the nature of man’s free will. Free will was given by the creator so that man would be able to express love to his fullest potential. This is a double-edged blade, however. As well as having free expression, man also has the ability to abuse it. When fear entered human consciousness, free will turned from a loving, joyful expression to one of ignorance and doubt. The expression of free will produced all the lower emotions. Man saw himself as separate from God and separate from all his brothers and sisters. This was the fall from grace, the figurative ‘eating of the forbidden fruit.’ Yes, it was a sad thing, but there was still hope, still time to return to the true self.

It saddens us greatly to see all that goes on every day on the beautiful jewel known as Earth. There is so much negativity that it looks to us like a dense black fog penetrating everything on the planet.
Now is the time for mankind’s awakening, however, and a few lights are beginning to penetrate the dense fog. This is why you must unite with others of like minds and hearts. Together, you can break up the negativity. Think of these things. Meditate on them, and unite as brothers and sisters of the light. Herald the New Age by remembering your true-self, your God-self. There is no separation from God. There never has been."

Everybody is very much capable of receiving and understanding such psychic perceptions, according to prominent psychic researcher, Dick Sutphen. Sutphen compares acquiring psychic capabilities to his learning to play tennis. He says, just as tennis, any person who is willing to spend some time and energy, and follow the principles, can learn to receive impressions from "the other side." Of course, there are some "naturals," who acquire the skill more rapidly than others, but everybody can reach his desired level of proficiency by consistent practice.

Before we actually do the exercises, let us first discuss some guidelines which are helpful in speeding up the process of successfully receiving psychic impressions.

  1. Learn to let go of all fear based emotions, like anger, selfishness, jealousy greed, possessiveness, guilt, envy, anxiety, insecurity, inhibitions, blame, malice and resentment. As we let go of such feelings, we raise our level of awareness to the unlimited possibilities in our lives.

  2. Learn to express unconditional love. This is the other side of letting go of fear and fear based emotions. As you become free of such negative emotions, you will learn to accept others without judgment, without prejudice, and without blame.

  3. While explaining the analogy between learning Tennis, and acquiring psychic perceptions, Sutphen says that a few day into his practicing Tennis, he realized that he played best when he just let it happen. It was as if he had surrendered control to some inner force who was actually playing the game. Similarly, trying too hard is not the answer for developing psychic abilities. Let it happen. Gradually, as you become accustomed to the process, it will become more and more satisfying.

  4. Don’t have any pre-session expectations about what you are going to experience, because having such expectations would make it difficult for you to accept your impressions. Be open and avoid the trap of "I won’t accept it unless it happens the way I expect it to."

  5. In the beginning, you may feel that your mind is making up these impressions, or that these are just a fantasy. Learn to trust your perceptions even if you think you are making them up.

  6. inally, depth of hypnotic trance is not a factor in determining the accuracy of the impressions. Even under a very light trance, you can get very vivid impressions if you are open-minded.

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