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Friday, March 2, 2012

5 Tips for Overcoming Dental Fear

Some people continuously postpone their dental treatments, mainly because they struggle with fear of the dentist

They cannot stand the white robe of the dentist, the tools and machinery existent in the office, so they prefer not to visit the dentist at all. 

Quite often however, it happens that a simple decay will transform into a very complex oral health problem, and then the patient needs to pay even more money in order to get proper treatment. 
The following are a few useful tips that will help you fight off dentist phobia:

1. Dentist Phobia: At your own pace. 
Make sure to ask the dentist to allow you to arrive for the dental exams whenever it is convenient to you, and to give you a little bit of “comfort zone” time right before starting the treatment. Those few extra minutes will help greatly reducing the fear and the panic you feel when entering the dental office.

2. Dental Phobia: A certain degree of control. 
When your dentist is performing a treatment, and you start to feel somewhat uncomfortable, raise your hand in order for the dentist to stop for a while. Discuss with your dentist, and ask him to agree with this type of signaling. This will certainly help you feel more in control when you are sitting in that dentist chair.

3. Fear of Dentist: Tell your dentist everything. 
If you have gone through a traumatic dental experience in the past, let him know. Dental offices are much better equipped with modern technology and truly efficient pain relievers and your dentist can help.

4. Dental Anxiety: Alternative dental treatments. 
Hypnotherapy and sedation dentistry are two methods through which pain can be controlled extremely efficiently. Talk to your dentist about these options, and see if any of these can be applied in your case. Especially Hypnotherapy helps relieving dental anxiety and panic attacks. 

5. Dental Phobia: Try to relax. 
If your dentist is a friendly professional, talking to him right before the dental treatment starts, could make you extremely comfortable. Then if you believe that music can distract you a little bit, plug in your earphones during the dental treatment and let yourself carried away by the tunes a little.

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