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Friday, March 2, 2012

Four Steps to Making Life Easier on Yourself

How would you like to make life easier on yourself? So often we sabotage our own efforts and projects simply by being too self-critical, or by wanting everything to be perfect. This short article will explore four ways in which you can make life easier on yourself. If you incorporate these four things into your daily life you will find, as I did, that life becomes much easier and less stressful.

* Adopting a positive attitude- Whenever something happens that sabotages our plans, a traffic jam when you are on your way to an important meeting, for example, try to be positive. Instead of worrying about the time try to use it preparing yourself for the meeting. Think of possible answers to the questions you might be asked. At the very least try to look at these unforseen situations as nature giving you some space.

* Self-talk-What do you say when you talk to yourself. When most of us make a mistake, or things don't go as planned the tendency is to start thinking, I've done it again, when will I do things right. This puts us in a frame of mind that anticipates failure and wreaks havoc on our self-concept. If you fail, and most likely you will, tell yourself that it's ok, it is a learning curve. Then get right back to trying again. Go easy on yourself and try giving yourself a boost. Remember that your self-talk influences how you see yourself, if you think of yourself as a failure then you set yourself up for it. Go take a break. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again, as the song says.

* Perfection-you don't have to be perfect. This is a sure fire way of inviting problems into your life. Perfectionists are great procrastinators, they find it hard to finish a job because it doesn't meet with their standards. Sometimes the only way to get things done is to tell yourself that the job is good enough. You have done your best, none of us are perfect. Let it go.

* Gratitude-be grateful for what you have and who you are. Make a promise to write down in your diary three things that you are thankful for every day. See your attitude change and watch as your life becomes easier.
There you are. Four steps to making your life easier. If you start using these strategies on a daily basis it won't be long before you will find yourself less stressed and situations less stressful. You will be making life easier for yourself.

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