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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Discovering your ideal soul mate

Everybody needs to love and be loved by someone. Any degree of success in life is worthless if one doesn’t have somebody to share it with. We were all created to love and be loved. The capability of giving and receiving unconditional love was imbued from birth, but somehow over the years, as we grew older, we became entangled in all sorts of emotional and spiritual complications, which might have made us feel as if we are incapable for this. It is now time to let go of the past, and all its burdens - free ourselves of the fear based emotions that tie us down.

In this chapter, we will discuss a step-by-step process for discovering and "creating" that someone special. The trouble is that most of us want to have somebody to love but we are not very clear in our intent. (Of course, this may not be necessary for people who already have their soul mate.)
First, and foremost, decide what is it that you want in a relationship. Be as specific as you can. In the space below, write down the physical, mental, spiritual, and other qualities you would like to have in your partner.

  • Physical qualities you desire in your partner:
  • Mental qualities you desire in your partner:
  • Spiritual qualities you desire in your partner:
  • Other qualities you desire in your partner:
Now, put these qualities in a single sentence. Make sure this sentence is short, concise and to the point. We will call it your "Relationship Desire Statement." An example of this statement could be: "The man/woman I now attract into my life for a husband/wife/lover is strong, loving, honest, faithful, sincere, happy and prosperous." No go ahead, and fill in the spaces:

The _________ (man/woman) I now attract into my life for a _____________
(husband/wife/lover) is

Apart from knowing what you want out of a relationship, you must also ascertain all the qualities you have which would contribute to the success of your relationship.

What you can contribute to a successful relationship:

Now, put the above also in the form of a brief statement. We will refer to this as our "Relationship Contribution Statement."
The ________ (man/woman) I now attract into my life finds love and happiness with me because I am


We will use the Relationship Desire & Relationship Contribution statements in the "Attracting Love" self hypnosis exercise, which follow later."

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